Taste the Race with… Daniel Ricciardo

Taste the Race with…
Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo (July 1, 1989, Perth, Australia) (pronounced Ricardo) is easily recognisable by his never-ending smile and the laughs he brings to the Formula 1 paddock. He is also known as a big fan of (live) music, a brilliant air guitar player, and as a country singer when in the shower1, so I will dedicate a separate post to his favourite bands (see Part 2: Music).

Besides music he loves food. When traveling around the world with Formula 1, he misses the traditional Australian breakfast (fry up) and coffee.1 And although chocolate is his guilty pleasure, if he would have to choose a favourite dish, he would go for fried chicken and wafels with an Oreo Milkshake.2

His favourite movie of all time is Friday Night Lights, a sports drama film about a high school football team. His favourite TV show is Stranger Things, a science fiction and horror series.2 Regarding books he is more hesitant to name a favourite. One of the last books he read was Sekret Machines by Tom Delonge.1

In the 2018 Formula 1 season Daniel Ricciardo will be riding the No. 3 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car with the RB14 chassis and TAG Heuer power unit. His nickname is the ‘honey badger’.3


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1. 2018 interview on Formula1.com
2. 2017 interview on GPUpdate.net
3. Daniel Ricciardo on Wikipeda


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