Movies for Week 14: Arizona

Because Arizona is home to (part of) the Colorado Plateau which includes Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon National Park, and Antelope Canyon, it is often used as a landscape in epic movies. These range from Westerns like How The West Was Won to fantasy and science fiction movies like Star Wars and Star Trek.

In this blog post however I will try to take a look off the racing line to see if we can overtake any of these big team award winners, even if it will result in a DNF (did not finish…watching that movie). 

This 1991 B horror movie wasn’t a succes when first released, but has since developed a cult following. Who knew hell would be full of VW Beetles?

Highway to Hell trailer

Some would argue it is a homage to the Spaghetti Western, some think Sharon Stone is just too quick in drawing her smoking hot body parts guns. Directed by Sam Raimi, every camera angle is squeezed full with Hollywood stars.

The Quick and the Dead trailer

A comedy about shampoo…and aliens….and the X-Files? 

Evolution (2001) trailer

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