Music for Week 26: Assen, The Netherlands

Just south of Assen lies the town of Grolloo, base of operations for the Dutch blues band Cuby + Blizzards. Lead singer Harry Muskee was born in Assen, the other band members originated from the region around Zwolle: guitar player Eelco Gelling, bass player Herman Deinum, Helmig van der Vegt on piano (after Herman Brood left the band), and Hans la Faille on drums. 

At times exaggerating their Dutch accents in English songs, the band nonetheless was praised by contemporaries and Grolloo became a sort of place of pilgrimage for the likes of Van Morrison and John Mayall.

As a fan, I can recommend every album recorded by the classic line up (1966-1969). The most famous albums of this period are probably Groeten uit Grollo and Appleknockers Flophouse.

In 2011 the C+B Museum has been opened in Grolloo, this week featuring reduced admission charges because of the MotoGP TT in Assen:

Cuby Museum

sources and starting point for more research:
Cuby + Blizzards on Wikipedia
Cuby Museum in Grolloo


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