Literature for Week 39: Russia

Mikhail Bulgakov wrote his satirical novel The Master and Margarita in different versions between 1928 and 1940. First editions were heavily cut by censors of the Soviet Union during Stalin’s regime. Later editions tried to recreate the original story. The most recent version dates from 1989.

The novel is open to many interpretations due to the fantastic and supernatural story. The devil and his entourage of a valet, a gun-happy black cat, a vampire, and a hit man arrive in Moscow to wreak havoc on the literary elite of the 1930s. A second story line tells the devil’s perspective of the trail of Yeshua Ha-Notsri (Jesus the Nazaren) conducted by Pontius Pilate. Whatever message Bulgakov was trying to get past the censors, it is a wild read and a definite Race Taste Top Tip.


Read a preview here: amazon

sources and starting point for more research:
The Master and Margarita on Wikipedia


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